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Well I just took the midterm in orthopedics and it was a very tough exam. If I passed, it was by the skin of my teeth, but I suspect that quite a few in the class did worse than me. The test was entirely case studies, with lots of medicalese in was a fluency test as much as anything. Do you know what all these acronyms mean? I am lucky in that I am old enough to have learned some of this by living. But I am still flunking. I guess I need to study about twice as hard. I just got my latest pathology quiz back from my mailbox and I flunked it, 13/20. I do not have time for a personal life. Every minute that I spend doing anything but studying is a detriment to my ability to pass this program. I am not allowed to eat, sleep, or spend time with my partner. That is the irony of medical school: that is requires us to become completely ill and imbalanced.
Tags: education, language, medicine, nd2, school

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