liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Homeopathy Irony

Today I went to the clinic for my headache which has been driving me increasingly nuts for over a week. The prescriptions were 1) a homeopathic remedy and 2) a decongestant tincture and 3) add NO DAIRY to my list of dietary constraints. I confessed my skepticism of homeopathy to the primary, and she said it doesn't matter if I don't believe, but that she was not going to tell me the remedy. And she wasn't going to, but then she escorted me up to the medicinary and I saw the scrip: belladonna. The irony: that is exactly the remedy that I studied up on a bit for a class assignment a few weeks ago. I am hoping for a cure, even though I lack belief.
Tags: belief, homeopathy, my health

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