liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Colbert on McCain

"John McCain has led a Biblical life. Like his namesake Cain, he has no problem being negative to a brother. Like his namesake John the Baptist, he is actually just preparing the way for the messiah (Palin). And like Moses he's listening to a Bush that's going down in flames."
Tags: christianity, heroes, humor, mccain, quotes, shrub

  • QotD: I Think

    I think, therefore I am... confused. --Benjamin Hoff in The Tao of Pooh

  • QotD: the cost of loving

    “If you’ve got a heart at all, someday it will kill you.” —Rita Dove, poet

  • QotD: If you don't

    "If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do." -Warren Miller

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