liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Clinic Log

Today I had two patients, one was the same 50 year old obese woman with stress and fibromyalgia, and the other was a 38 year old who has been feeing under the weather and decided to try a Constitutional for the first time. I like them both, and while I have plenty to say to them about how they could improve their health, I say nothing. I have been instructed that I am not to give any health advice whatsoever. My supervising resident keeps suggesting that I say things to her patients about what they should do, and I suppose I could go in there and say "the doctor told me to tell you" but I am not exactly eager to take on this go-between role. Given a little time I could develop a relationship with both of these women and have something to offer them, but when in the role of a hydro tech I am running around with plastic bins full of steaming towels, and I do not have the luxury of sitting down to really talk with these patients. I take their vitals, fetch the doc, do the treatment, take their vitals, give them their bill, chart their visit, and I'm done.
Tags: clinic, hydrotherapy, nd2

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