liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

CPD Lab Homework: Skin Exam

Lastname, Firstname DOB: 10/14/73 Male
Date of exam: 10/8/08

--type II skin, smooth, p/w/d (pink/warm/dry)
--turgor: normal, no tenting
--hair: slight widow's peaks, normal texture, fine
--scalp: p/w/d, healthy
--nails: hands and feet show normal pink nails
--nail beds: slightly purple in hands, good cap refill
Distinctive marks:
--single gray macule L forearm, 9cm proximal to styloid process of radius, color of graphite, has expanded slightly and border has blurred in the last 10 years, 3mmD, has been biopsied, no malignancy
--acne: upper back and shoulders: diffuse pustules and scars, one deep scar 2cm right of T4SP, some facial scarring, slight oiliness of acne-prone areas
--moveable papule 4cm right and 2cm inferior to R nipple, same for years, light brown (nearly skin tone), well circumscribed, 2mmx1mm oval, nearly invisible but quite palpable
--single papule 7cm above umbilicus, 1cm L, light pink/brown on hair follicle, painless, unchanging, round and well circumscribed
--3 papules on L flank, well circumscribed and round, 1 brown 2 pink no changes in memory
--round scar 5cm superior to L patella, .75cmD
--no tattoos
Tags: homework, skin

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