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Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin for President

While it is possible that Ron Paul wrote this letter, it does not sound like his book. Either someone else wrote this, or he had a really good editor for his book. Whatever the case, Chuck Baldwin is the Constitution Party candidate and he is a logical candidate for Ron Paul to choose, considering that Cynthia McKinney wants universal healthcare delivered by the state, and Bob Barr doesn't know what he wants. Anyway, interesting to consider this man, Chuck Baldwin. He may get a big bump from the Ron Paul supporters.

If you skip the first 2 minutes (host talking) you can hear/see this guy speak, not great video but you can get a little sense of him. I didn't exactly like him after hearing this:
Baldwin wants to seal our borders and define life as starting at birth (a "priority"), but he does not tackle the subject of the economy or say what he would do about the middle east in this clip. He's appealing so hard to the religious folks with his talk of prayer that he turns me off. I want a separation of church and state, and I want a president who can keep the two straight from each other in his head. I want a populace who are educated enough to NOT vote purely on their base instincts! I know, wishful thinking. I may still be voting for McKinney, she speaks for me more than this man does. What do you think?

CB on why evangelicals ignore Ron Paul:


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