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No More Mammograms for THESE Boobs

I don't know if you heard about the recent study that showed that women who do regular breast self exams don't have any fewer cancer deaths, but they do get a whole lot more biopsies...I posted about it. It was a big study, and pretty convincing.

Now Mercola is writing about another new study that shows that mammograms are useless as well. I kind of suspected that mammograms might be bunk, when I was railroaded into a government program (the Wellwoman program) by which federal moneys were used to pay for my breast squashing several times when I had some lumps in my breasts.

I knew that my breast lumps were normal for me---I get lumps when I drink coffee. But the "healthcare worker" did not listen to me, referred me, and urged me to follow up. Against my own best interests I followed medical advice and got my 4x squishings and ultrasounds in less than two years, only to find out that I did not in fact have cancer. Which is too bad for those who make tons of money "treating" breast cancer, but hurrah for me. So anyway, after all this I have decided that I am going to forcibly decline any future "help" with my breast health unless I think that there is something wrong! I am the leading authority on my body!! I know my breasts better than any machine or doctor or examiner could, and I am sticking to my "guns" better from now on.
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