liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Autism, Aluminum, and Somalis in Minnesota

The Somali population in Minnesota is have an outrageously high incidence of autism, and Mercola offers his theories as to WHY. According to him, if you combine a dose of mercury sufficient to cause death in 1/100 individuals, with a dose of aluminum also sufficient to cause death in 1/100 individuals, you get a 100% death rate. And the vaccines being administered to poor internationals these days contain both. These Somalis emigrated by way of refugee camps in Kenya and are given the same vaccination more than once due to poor record-keeping. The Somalis are providing 16% of the autistic children in special ed classes in Minnesota. Too bad for them.
Tags: aluminum, autism, heavy metals, mercury, minnesota, nervous system, public health, somalia, vaccines

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