liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles

When I got home from choir at about 9:30 the door was cracked open, and kitten was sitting on the coffee table meowing at me. I had my hands full. I dropped off my purse and music in my room, then went to the kitchen to put away the 50lbs of organic beef I picked up today, and the carrots & celery and such I got tonight after choir. As I walked out of my room the invader cat raced past my feet, across the living room and out the door. That little halloween-colored invader is scared of me. I don't understand why kitten doesn't kick its ass.

Once home I cleaned up the veggies and packed the beef in the freezer (it's full now), showered and went to bed. I was in bed by 10:15, but then at 10:45 the door bell rang. The first time I barely heard it but it waked me up. The second time I realized that it really was my doorbell ringing. I got up, grabbed a robe, and answered the door.

It was Mod. She had left the apartment door open while she sat in her car to talk on a mobile phone for a long time. I didn't tell her to shut the door in the future, because she has no future here. She had left her key sitting on the coffee table. I didn't tell her again where the spare key is hidden outside. She didn't remember and I don't want her to know anymore. I just can't wait until she is gone. We have a complete culture clash and I have no desire to spend any energy whatsoever in bridging it. Now I'm mad and wide awake. Damn it. Thank goodness I can dump all my icky energy into a post and let it go. Sorry if you're sick of my complaining.

I just left her a note asking her to please lock the place when she leaves tomorrow and leave the key under the rug on the porch. I feel strange leaving such a note. I have no idea what she will do. I hope she can read it. I hope she notices it. I hope my house isn't messed up by some alien cat when I come home tomorrow. I hope she is gone, and not still here for some reason. I am sure she thinks I am terribly rude. And at this point I probably am. I am getting more like her. She is indifferent to me. I have a tendency to care about all living things, and she has fallen to the status of the alien cat in my mind.

...and I was so hopeful that she would be cool because she's 45 years old and a Buddhist. HA!

Choir was kind of exhausting. The director had us sight read through another great pile of music. She has picked a few Christmas carols, and the sopranos sing the same old same old lines.... Several of the songs go way too high for me. I can sing up to about the F at the top of the treble clef without squawking. That is a fourth higher than I was singing a year ago this time, so my voice is getting back into shape. But in one session my range will not improve by another fifth. She kept trying to get us to sing high C's and all around there today, and I just got crankier. Next time I think I'm going to just quietly sit with the altos. Nevermind singing soprano. I'm almost to the point of saying nevermind choir altogether, just because I feel like I need some down time and Wednesday nights would be great. But I love to sing. I will just rebel against any more of this uncomfortable singing out of my range. Singing is not meant to be painful or unpleasant. I do not go to choir so I can sing terribly and feel humiliated. I won't have any more of it.

My TMJ is starting to act up. I should be having a period now but the stress has stopped it. I am going to post this and go up on the roof.
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