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Principles of Diagnosis applied to Skin Conditions

Most skin conditions are diagnosed by a combination of an excellent history and a physical examination.

-onset and location
-exacerbates and alleviates
-all treatments attempted
-atopy in individual or family
-exposures (work, hobby, sun, radiation, etc)
-general health, systemic dz (diabetes/candida/tinea, celiac, dermatitis herpetiformis, hep C/cryoglobulinemia, IBD/pyoderma, gangrenosum)
-all meds for any condition
-travel (lyme, infx)
-others in family or friends with same?
-sexual hist (syphilis & gonorrhea)

-natural light
-visualize all lesions/entire rash
-examine mucus membranes too, esp mouth
-hair, scalp, nails
-wood's lamp

These lists remind me of things I learned long ago for my WFR (Wilderness First Responder) for example OPQRST for understanding pain: onset, palliate, quality, radiate, s, t...? I have forgotten.
Tags: diagnosis, nd2, skin

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