liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles

Today, and last Sunday, Rick and I grilled in the back yard. There's this new cat that comes through the fence, or around the fence after I blocked the hole, and meows and begs and rubs incessantly. It is skinny but not emaciated, and has a collar on. I let it have some leftover buffalo juice last week, and now I know that was a mistake. Today I had enough of it, but it was not so easy to drive away. I progressed from hissing and gesturing at it to throwing sticks and pebbles. It just kept coming back.

When I was carrying in the last load of dirty plates and whatnot, the cat slipped into the house ahead of me. I put down the dishes in the kitchen and followed the rough meowing noise to my room, where it was under the desk. It let me pick it up, and I walked toward the door as quickly as I could. I had locked the door (another mistake). The cat started to struggle as I was headed down the steps and when it lifted a rear paw I threw it down the steps. I didn't really mean to hurt it, I just didn't want it to tear me to shreds, and got it out of my hands as fast as possible. But it clunked hard on the steps, it did not land on its feet. Then it raced past me back into the house. I tried to stop it with my foot but it was more determined and slinkier than a dog.

I unlocked and opened the door, then followed back upstairs to the same hiding place. It could have hidden anywhere in this house but it does not know the hiding places. And it meows, that rough meow. You can't hide when you make noises like that.

This time I homed in on it but left it lots of room to run down the stairs and out, which it promptly did. I do not know if the rough treatment on the stairs will be enough to keep it out if it gets more chances. I am glad that it does not appear to know the climbing route up to the roof. Shakti is the only cat who is coming up here these days. It does require some agility and tree climbing ability.

So tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm ready, I guess. Starting the list. Here goes.
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