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Gripe about Knowitalls

I have had quite enough of those who are full of their opinions and feel the need to entertain or convince me. Don't preach to me! Don't assume that because I say nothing I know nothing. I want to tell them: you know less than nothing so be humble. But instead I retreat. When they gripe and complain about other people's betrayals, I want to say: you get what you give out. But I walk away. I want to tell them: Beware the height of the horse you sit upon. I too have sat up on that high horse and nobody could talk me down, I just had to fall. Sometimes falling is a blessing.

Sometimes I get tempted to tell them what I really think, to hasten the fall. But I've done that before, and all it gets me is enemies. My impression is that most people are not ready for the mirror to shine them full in the face. Some people puff up with self-importance to cover their insecurity. Those people irritate me the most. And I am quite irritable this morning. Perhaps it is because of all the heavy metals coursing though me.

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