liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

First Stab at a Housemate Contract

OK, here I will begin to list the nuts and bolts of the housemate contract that I will have my new housemate sign when she arrives on Saturday. Please comment and let me know what you think is essential to specify when allowing a stranger to move into your homespace. Thanks.

--deposit of $500 to be kept until the household is dissolved or the housemate moves peaceably out with full notice, keys have been returned and damages/cleaning needs have been assessed (deposit will not be used for last month's rent)
--wireless internet, electricity, gas, water, garbage service are included in this rent
--rent of $500 due in the first week of each month you intend to stay, penalties of $20/day if you more than 7 days after the ____th of the month in delivering your rent to my hands
--if the price of utilities or rent increases such that the total of rent plus utilities exceeds $1000, I will increase rent accordingly, giving 30 days notice of the increase
--this contract may be dissolved by either party with 30 days notice
--no pets unless we discuss it ahead of time and agree (beyond the one cat that I already have)
--no overnight visitors unless I am informed ahead of time
--no visitors are to stay longer than 2 days without prior agreement
--my books are available for your use on the premises (do not remove books from house)

other things to discuss with housemate:
--all of this can be modified by mutual agreement
--cleanliness of public spaces (OK to be messy in your room, please help keep the rest clean)
----kitchen (dishes, fridge)
----steps and porch
----in front of house
--quiet hours 9-7
--need for quiet footsteps as we are upstairs, esp on steps
--wireless is off at night
--garbage and recycling go out to the curb on Wednesday night for Thursday morning pickup
--garden space available on request
--the central heat is not very effective: a primer on when/how to use it
--for household supplies we may use a system by which we both contribute to a kitty and buy common supplies from the kitty. If anything is purchased for the household from kitty funds, please replace the cash with a receipt.
--please leave the door to my room cracked open so the cat can get to her food
--interest in regular meditation group at our house?
--please do not enter my room when I am not present, and I will give you the same respect
--if you need help with something, please ask (I'm not a mind reader)

Tags: home, housemates, money, privacy

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