liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

On McCain's choice for VP

This link from my FL provoked a little more research:
I want to see a VP candidate debate!
Joe Biden vs Sarah Paulin
It hardly seems fair but maybe she has some Ace In The Hole.

First of all, I hadn't realized that McCain has such a history of ditching significant women for someone younger and prettier. How icky can he get? Second, I didn't know that he had chosen a running mate, or that she is a hottie from Alaska. Her name is Sarah Palin and she is governor.

There are some rumblings about "what is McCain thinking" when he chose this inexperienced backwoods cutie for his VP. Well, I think I know. His choice of a pretty woman is parts of these and more:
1) to feed his male pride and look better on TV
2) to add youth to the ticket since McCain's prevailing presentation seems to be of old age and forgetfulness
3) to hold onto maximum power and avoid having an influential VP
4) to try to gain support from the Clinton supporters for whom gender is a driving issue

To the Clinton supporters I suggest Cynthia McKinney. And to the rest of the republicans who might vote for McCain I say WHAT IF THE OLD FART SUDDENLY DIES and we end up with a beauty queen who's good on TV for president? Hmmm? The LAST thing we need is another neocon puppet. Even if she's a woman.
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