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McKinney/Clemente instead of McCain, Obama, or Barr

The good news for Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party is that he's got about 5% of the polling vote, up to 10% in some states. Historically third party voters get less of the actual votes than they get of the polls. Still, Barr may get the most votes ever given to a Libertarian candidate. There are some who hope.

To me the increased support for the Libertarian Party in spite of the weak candidate indicates that an increasing number of people realize that the demoblicans aren't any different than the republicrats. Both of the reigning parties perpetuate a system that makes the political class rich and the rest of us progressively poorer. We need to stop the two party domination. They have been at the feeding trough too long, both sides are corrupt and each is complicit with the other. We need an ouster of the republicrats AND the demoblicans!

David Nolan reports that part of the reason Barr's candidacy is so weak is that they don't seem to have any money. He writes "Why has the effort to raise money been so unsuccessful? In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Republicans, by and large, won't contribute to a rival party. Libertarians remain uninspired by campaign press releases like the one calling for a "Commission on Wasteful Government." And the small army of Ron Paul supporters is not transferring their support to Barr because he has totally failed to address their two key issues: dismantling the Federal Reserve and ending the Iraq War ASAP. In sum, nobody is being offered a compelling reason to contribute." Nolan thinks Barr should take stronger stands such as these: get out of Iraq, end the "War on Drugs" completely, dismantle the Federal Reserve, pull out of the UN, abolish the IRS, and more.

But he hasn't, and at this point I'll wager it's too late. He has failed to earn MY trust or respect, and I am not the only one who is unlikely to believe anything he says from this day forward.

Perhaps I will cast my vote for a Green Party candidate. I see from their website that there are four to choose from:
Cynthia McKinney of California
Jesse Johnson of West Virginia
Kat Swift of Texas
Kent Mesplay of California

Of those, Cynthia McKinney is the official Green Party candidate and Rose Clemente is her running mate. An all female ticket! (Why don't those angry Clinton supporters try voting GREEN if they're so all-fired gender biased?) But better than that, one of the main issues that McKinney speaks about is the integrity of our elections. She knows, as so many of us know, that our elections have been compromised...and without accurate and fair elections, what kind of democracy do we have? No democracy at all.... She also speaks frankly of the need for a functional third party. The Green Party needs 5% of the vote to be institutionalized as an official third party. Wouldn't it be great if both the LP and the GP were to get 5% or more in all 50 states, and we'd have two more options on the ballot in the future?

Another feather in McKinney's cap is her willingness to talk about impeachment. interviewed her and asked this: You introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of State Rice for manipulating intelligence and lying to justify the war. Why would you do that?

C.M.: Because it was warranted! These people have lied to the world. They have taken our country to war and they have violated US and International laws with crimes against humanity, peace and torture. The Democratic majority in Congress has failed to provide secure elections so we don't have to deal with these outdated election machines. They have yet to repeal the Patriot Act. These issues that we're talking about now, will be the issues that must be confronted by the new administration in 2009. They are not going away. They won't melt into the fabric of America. If anything they are going to soil the fabric of America.

And last but not least, I like her because she speaks with respect of Ron Paul. Ron Paul had ample money and unexpected momentum BECAUSE he speaks the truth as he sees it, without ego or ulterior motive. .... And he got that attention and funding IN SPITE OF a complete blackout in mainstream media. Barr lacks the force of longstanding principles. McKinney is the front runner in my book, because the rest have ruled themselves out.

David Nolan article
Green Party
McKinney's campaign website:

Last but not least, please take a look at the mockery McKinney inspired when she spoke out in Denver calling the democrats out for voting to fund the Iraq war:
She sounds totally reasonable to me, but these people feel secure in calling her names.
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