liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Random Interactions

Yesterday afternoon, when I was carrying oars down to the dock, a woman started talking loudly to me and following me around so that she could talk. She never told me her name but she did brag a lot about her willingness to get in the Willamette River. She was carrying a big notebook and was middle aged. She looked like she worked in an office or something. She said she just had to come down to the water because "Water is my god". She said that she grew up on the river, and that she is willing to swim in it now, but she would not open her eyes in it. She went on and on. She told me that back in the 1960's her father and grandfather had the Guiness Book of World Records RECORD for longest water ski distance: from Portland to Astoria. But now somebody has beat that record. She was all right, though I did not know her intentions, why she would come up to a stranger and tell her story.

This morning, on my walk, a couple of bums were sitting in a sheltered spot along the sidewalk. They were in the sun, and one of them was shirtless, soaking up rays. They looked healthier than most bums, though the shirted bearded guy didn't speak and viewed me suspiciously. The shirtless man smiled and held up his hands, and said "The beauty that you possess is a gift from God." I smiled at him and said "Thanks, God." I wished the two guys a good day and kept walking. The shirtless guy kept smiling and the shirted kept scowling.
Tags: flow, oregon, river

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