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I was lurking on the BC community for a couple of days, just seeing what kinds of questions women were asking and what kinds of answers they got. I got in trouble with the first comment that I made, which said there were "no guarantees" about what a BC pill would do for a given woman....because it depends on the woman's hormonal makeup.....and got a snippy reply that oh yes the guarantee is right there in the pill info packet.....I questioned that the hormone-manufacturers (pharmaceuticals) actually give full and accurate info in their pamphlets and got another snippy I unfriended the community. It is disheartening to see young women taking those pamphlets to be the truth. I guess science and judgment have to sit on the bench while advertising and disinformation plays itself out......and while the young women grow up into real women who decide for themselves....and communities that are willing to entertain many points of view are valuable to me....even when those points of view are not in the official literature...
Tags: birth control, culture, media, pharmaceuticals, women

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