liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Dark Monday Morning

It's a dark morning and there's thunder rumbling. I accidentally left the window closed and the kitten was locked out for the night. I think she slept in the big cedar tree, because she started meowing at me when I sat on the toilet, and when I responded she emerged from the tree and came to the bathroom window. I walked to the other end of the apartment and opened the window for her. She ate a few kibbles and is now settled down to sleep off her long night in the wild streets of Portland.

I myself haven't been sleeping very well. The heat definitely reduces my sleep, but last night was cooler and I still didn't go to sleep easily or deeply. I awoke tired, but lacked any faith that staying in bed would give me more energy, so I am up. The nice thing about a dark gray morning is that Portland stays asleep. There is nothing moving in my neighborhood but the crows. A few big drops of rain are beginning to fall and the crows are retreating from the streets to the trees.

I don't remember any dreams from last night.
Tags: portland, shakti, sleep

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