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Well today is the 3rd hot day in a row in lovely PDX. The crow's nest gets boiling hot these's 2pm and as soon as that sun comes in here I have to shut the door and retreat to the back of the house. I have been offline for 2 days because my router appears to have died. So I'm headed out to best buy to get a new one. The comcast guy says they have gone down in price. Now that I know what's up with my internet, I wish I was gone kayaking, but I just had to deal with that and the pile of bills on my desk before I could begin to play anymore.

Yesterday I went with K to the Washougal River to swim for the afternoon. It was a pleasant way to pass the day and escape the heat. I discovered yesterday morning (when I finally got my teeth cleaned) that the AC in my truck is not working at all. I paid extra to let them switch my AC over to the non-freon kind the last time I had it serviced, and now it doesn't work. It just sucks to be a consumer these days. Pay out the nose for diddley squat, improvements that are worse, new gear that lasts shorter times, education that costs more than a house, as if I was made of money or something.....Better to not buy anything, not want anything, just to sit in the shade and read a good book.
Tags: money, my life, weather

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