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Gentle Dental

I had a dentist appointment today, I thought for a brief checkup and a cleaning. I was hopeful that this was a dental system that would work with me, that would do for me what I want. But it turns out that the girls at the booking desk were misleading. They will do anything to get you in the door, knowing that once you are in the chair you will submit. I only partially submitted, but I left feeling that yet again I had lost the fight against our "healthcare" system. They started out telling me that I had to have a full exam including whole mouth xrays before they would clean my teeth. I finally was able to get a "limited" exam that would allow me to get a cleaning. The dentist looked at one tooth and told me that the root is exposed and that is why it is sensitive these days. She offered to fill the tooth, or paint it with sealer...she didn't mention ACT, the fluoride stuff that helps add density to teeth. So in spite of the original booker telling me I could get it done, I wasn't able to get my teeth cleaned today. I paid $60 for her to check my gums (323 323 323 with some 222's in the front) to that I will be allowed to have my teeth cleaned. Many times they tried to get me to do the full checkup including xrays and I refused. Even when I was booking the cleaning for tomorrow the money-taker girl said the hygienists "like to have xrays". Well I bet they do, but to scrape the gunk off my teeth they don't need it. I wish I knew where I could go to get regular cleanings without all the rest of this dental BS. The last dentist I went to wanted to work on 8 of my teeth because he "suspected" there was rot in there based on the coloration. I don't trust his suspicions. I think it was his wallet that was doing the suspecting. And I am not about to let a man drill out and replace 8 of my teeth that are still working fine. He just didn't like that they have the old mercury alloy fillings in them. I have already eaten the mercury out of those fillings. They are 30 years old. I will keep them until they fail. My cleaning tomorrow will cost $88. That is too much. I want to pay $40 for regular cleanings from a hygenist that doesn't work for a dentist. Know any?
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