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Adrenal Fatigue

--not taught in medical school
--up to 67% of Americans have some compromise of adrenal fx
--saliva tests for adrenal hormones are as accurate and valid as blood tests, but more sensitive
--people with functional hypoglycemia are usually suffering from decreased adrenal fx
--most alcoholics have depleted adrenals, adrenal support helps tx for alcoholics
--most anyone with a chronic respiratory infx (sinus, bronci, asthma etc) has compromised adrenals

--small stresses that are simultaneous, accumulating or chronic
--can be physical, emotional, psych, envir exposures, infx, etc.
--not enough R&R to enjoy life
--constant work, driving onesself
--being a doctor or cop (high stress hard driven)
--lack of sleep
--poor food choices
--using stimulants when tired
--staying up late even when fatigued
--being powerless
--staying in double bind (no win) situations
--lack of enjoyable/rejuvenating activities
--being the drive manager at a river outfitter and getting all hours emergency calls
--living next door to unpredictable controlling nutcases
--resp infx: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, sinusitis, etc --> precipitate adrenal failure
--adrenals can be weak from birth depending on mother's adrenal status and stress level

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS (not present in all individuals but part of the big picture!)
--fatigue not relieved by sleep, difficulty getting up in the morning
--craving salty foods
--large effort to complete daily tasks
--decreased sex drive
--decreased ability to handle stress
--decreased productivity
--light headedness esp when standing from sitting
--increased recovery time from illness
--mild depression, sense of pointlessness
--loss of enjoyment in life
--symptoms increase if meals skipped
--wake up midday, have afternoon lull, gain energy in evening
--arthritic pain
--decreased immune response
--worse PMS and trouble w/ menopause
--increased fear, anxiety, depression
--intervals of confusion
--less acute memory
--difficulty concentrating
--less tolerance, people seem more irritating
--more frustration
--frequent resp infx
--allergies, rhinitis, asthma, frequent colds
--chronic fatigue syndrome
--adult onset diabetes
--auto-immune disorders
--may appear lazy and unmotivated, seem to have lost ambition
--feeling of being "dragged out"
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