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Diabetes Update: ~8% of Americans have it

--Juvenile-onset (type 1) diabetes accounts for 5 to 10 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes
--adult-onset (type 2) accounts for the remaining 90 to 95 percent.
--CDC 2007 data shows 3 million case increase over 2 years
--CDC estimates 57 million in "pre-diabetes"
--if you lump together diabetes and pre-diabetes, one in four Americans have it
--number of Americans with diabetes = ~24 million people (~8% of the pop)
--diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S
--fasting blood sugar of 125 required for a diagnosis of diabetes.
--high blood sugar is a symptom, not the cause
--lowering sugar while raising insulin levels can exacerbate the metabolic problem
--type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by insulin resistance and faulty leptin signaling, both regulated by diet

--virtually every case of type 2 diabetes is 100% reversible
--giving insulin is one of the WORST things you could do
--Mercola: "Any physician doing this is suffering from profound ignorance of insulin physiology."
--conventional medicine has it all wrong, standard recommendations are incorrect (meds & nutrit)
--diabetes has increased over 700 percent in the last 50 years
--government agencies and the medical community COULD stop catering to the industries of sugar, grain and pharmaceuticals
--incidence rate is almost 11 percent in adults over 30
--incidence in seniors aged 60 and up: over 23 percent
--the average senior (65+) is on 28 pharmaceutical drugs

--almost 26 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 20 are pre-diabetics
--more than 35 percent of seniors, 60 and older, are prediabetic
--57 million prediabetic Americans
--24 million already diabetic
--US population is ~304,554,800 people
--so ~26.5 percent of the entire U.S. population having either pre-diabetes, or some form of diabetes.

--2-4X more heart disease and stroke deaths
--75% have high blood pressure (130/08 or higher)
--leading cause of blindness in adults 20-74
--leading cause of kidney failure
--45,700 people began treatment for end stage kidney dz in US and Puerto Rico in '05
--178,700 people living on chronic dialysis in '05
--60-70% have impaired sensation/pain in hands or feet, poor digestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, erectile dysfunction
--71,000 lower limb amputations due to diabetes were performed in the U.S. in '04
--1/3 of people with diabetes have severe periodontal disease
--poorly controlled diabetes before conception and during first trimester of pregnancy in women with type 1 diabetes can cause major birth defects in 5-10% of prenancies, and spontaneous abortions in 15-20%

--American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) study on Economic Cost of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2007
--2007 cost: $174 billion including $116 billion in unnecessary medical expenditures and $58 billion in reduced national productivity
--average medical expense of dz is $11,744 per year (almost 2.5x over those w/o diabetes)

--doctor's order for last 50 years have been: high complex carbohydrate, low saturated fat diet
--ex: WebMD says diabetics with abnormal cholesterol levels should eat a diet from which 50-60% of daily calories come from cabs
--docs also say OK to eat sugar, just adjust your meds to compensate
--docs also encourage the use of artificial sweeteners
--OBVIOUSLY THIS ISN'T WORKING so if you're diabetic, try something ELSE

--regular exercise
--no sugar and no fake sugar!!!
--diet with good fats, low carbs/starches

--Mercola "made the mistake of believing in Dr. Dadamo’s work in Eat Right for Your Blood Type" for a while, but he is blood type A so went with high grain diet and low intensity exercise, his blood sugar went up-->it didn't work for him----note: Mercola's current dietary recommendations for everybody (avoid sugar, grain, pasteurized dairy, eat organic meats & veggies & good fats) strongly resemble Dadamo's recommendations for type O blood, which I am----so I got lucky when I read Dadamo's book way back when....because I think his type O diet is right for me.

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