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Went for a walk this morning, to the post office and the bank. In between the two there is a German sausage-making factory and associated deli and store. I hadn't been in there until today, even though I have lived just a few blocks away for 10 months now. In the store there is a great selection of meats, both imported and made right there. There are also cheeses, wines, tinned fish, and chocolates of every description including Toblerone. I bought a couple of Hungarian bratwurst (spicey!), a half pound of beef-only hard salame, and some Irish garlic-herb butter. I didn't look at the wines, but I will next time!

Behind the counter they had a wall with Swiss cuckoo clocks and the stickers that people put on their cars to indicate which country they are from. I was tempted to get an A for Austria. I lived in Austria from 1977-79 and the Edelweiss store took me back. There is something beautiful about the grounded practicality and basic friendliness of the people there. Nothing fancy, and nothing fake.

At the bank the lady was chatty. I told her I'd gone into the Edelweiss store and she went on about how good their sandwiches are. She said it is "real food" and that every time she goes out to lunch with her girlfriend that is where they end up.
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