liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

She's a breeder now.

Ani (fucking) DiFranco has a daughter.
A friend in Flagstaff said her shows are all "sweet and mellow" now.
Not sure I believe that, but it bears testing.
Ani birthed her daughter at home on Jan 20, 07.
Child was due in Feb but came early.
Long delivery, 7lbs 8oz.
Ani is 37 years old and touring this fall with her daughter.
The father is her boyfriend Mike Napolitan.
The child's name is Petah Lucia.
Ani got married and divorced, too, while I wasn't paying attention.
In fact, this is the first time I have taken an interest in her life.
Because after years, her music is still with me.
She is a friend of mine.
We just haven't met yet.

I was searching for info on her and found this song---its a lovely recording, good sound, Ani looking simple, playing acoustic with a guy on standup bass.
Tags: childbirth, entertainment, heroes, music, women

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