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Liver p450 Pathways: Detox stuff

Nice table on DRUG INTERACTIONS here:

--liver in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen below the diaphragm
--usu protected by rib cage
--crosses midline where it meets stomach
--proximal to duodenum, spleen, transverse colon
--under liver: gall bladder, the storage unit for bile
--largest internal gland in the body
--average weight 2 to 3 pounds
--cirrhosis of the liver-->can weigh up to 30 pounds
--blood supply from both the portal vein and the hepatic artery
--hepatic artery provides about 75% of the total 1500 mL/min flow, oxygen rich
--hepatic portal vein supplies recently absorbed nutrients from small intestine
--microscopic functional unit: lobule, bounded by portal triads and central veins
--hepatocytes = polygonal, next to sinusoids, in sheets that radiate from triad toward veins
--portal triad = hepatic artery branch, portal vein, bile duct

--central role in metabolism dt hepatocyte fx
--formation and excretion of bile
--regulation of carbohydrate homeostasis
--lipid synthesis and secretion of plasma lipoproteins
--control of cholesterol metabolism
--formation of urea, serum albumin, clotting factors, enzymes, and numerous other proteins
--metabolism or detoxification of drugs and other foreign substances
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