liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

New Research on Homosexuality

The Swedes have done a detailed analysis of 50 straight and 40 gay people to see if they could find out anything about the way that our brains are put together in relation to sexuality. They used MRI's and PET scans. The study was done at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and the author of the study is Ivanka Savic. The findings:
--straight women and gay men have symmetrical brains, with the left and right sides close to equal size
--in straight men the right hemisphere is substantially larger than the left
--the amygdala in straight women and gay men is rich in connections that allow for "sophisticated interplay of thoughts and feelings"
----in straight men and some lesbians, the amygdala is wired more for "fight or flight" responses, and for action instead of thinking/feeling
--researchers "believe" that the brain differences result from hormonal levels during pregnancy: elevated male hormones can "masculize" a female brain too, and a lack of male hormones can cause a male brain to be more like that of a female, resulting in gayness.
Tags: brain, homosexuality, hormones, nervous system, sex

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