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Plant Sitting

A schoolmate just dropped off 17 potted plants that are to stay with me for the summer. He is going to Minnesota to stay with his girlfriend and then to a Buddhist retreat, and returning to Portland in time for school in September. I volunteered for plant duty; I love plants and did not especially want to go buy anymore...though I did buy a basil plant for a dollar at the coop the other day. I think he was happy to find a good summer home for his babies. They have just been drenched in cold water and are rejoicing in the bright sun of my porch.

2 rosemary
2 white sage
1 pineapple sage
1 coleus
1 nameless succulent in a red pot
1 skullcap
1 tobacco (growing fast, looks like it's about to bloom)
2 ashwaganda
2 basil (one red)
1 flat-leaved Chinese herb
1 zisuye (jagged leaves)
1 licorice (looks like a vine of the Rhus family)
1 habanero pepper

D also borrowed The Guru Papers. I'm looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it.
Tags: books, gardening, herbs, plants, summer

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    I think, therefore I am... confused. --Benjamin Hoff in The Tao of Pooh

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    “If you’ve got a heart at all, someday it will kill you.” —Rita Dove, poet

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    "If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do." -Warren Miller

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