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My Garden

is a wreck. It has gone completely wild. All those plants that I left in there, months ago when nothing was growing fast, have taken off. The one that looked like a carrot plant may be queen anne's lace. The three lettuce plants have gone to seed. Those leaves are very bitter. The lavendar plant is useless there, when there is yards of lavendar along the front of the neighbor's yard. I'm going to pull this one. And kill the queen anne's lace as soon as the flowers open a little more.

The pepper plants that we started from seed have all come up, and the ones that I separated early on are doing well. The rest are too close together--I think....I don't really know, so I'm leaving them. We planted three kinds of peppers and I think they all came up. Ironically, I no longer eat peppers. They are on my "no" list. They are in the night shade family, and are pro-inflammatory somehow, and I have been instructed to avoid them--and tomatoes, and potatoes.

This is my first garden....and like I said, it's some rookie BS. But now that I'm landing on the ground in my home, I can at least see it again. I will find my leather gloves and go pull some weeds here real soon.

I remember my grandpa's garden. Both of my grandpas had gardens with long straight rows and plants stood up on sticks and trailing from twine between the sticks. I loved to pick tomatoes, warm from the sun and so tangy and vibrant. My tomatoes didn't come up. I don't think. I'm not sure what is growing out there. This is going to be quite an experiment.
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