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off my chest: not taking it personally

The woman who cheated on her biochem exam in first quarter, the woman I turned in for cheating, she is still in my program. She knows that I reported her, and since then we have not had honest words. She has avoided me, or been syrupy fake. I have waited for a chance to begin to speak openly with her again, because I like her, because I respect what she has done in life. I even tried to call her but her cell phone number has changed. So I have waited for my chance. Today she gave a presentation on alternative cancer cures that I was particularly interested in, and I asked her if I could get a copy of her powerpoint. She said yes and took my email. I said thankyou. She said "You're welcome bitch" as she turned away. I did not react. We continued to interact inside the same group of people for the next 10 minutes or so and she would not meet my eye or speak to me. I would like to be open with her. I understand that she is holding a grudge, that she thinks I was wrong to turn her in. I do not know if she understands that it was not personal. I like her. I would have done the same if ANY other classmate of mine had been cheating. I'm sure she had reasons that she was not prepared for the exam. My choice to report her was about the principle, and I stand behind that principle. I wonder how long it will take for her to cease being so angry and be willing to speak with me again. I am grateful that I am able to understand her grudge and not take it personally. For the most part. A part of it still stings, and that is my work to do.
Tags: communication, honesty, nd1, relationships, the four agreements, values

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