liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Rundown

My practical exam is tomorrow, 10am. I am going to list the steps of the treatment here
1) gather materials (7 towels, 1 plastic bin, 2 sheets, 2 blankets, 1 pillow, 1 pillow case, 1 sine wave machine, 2 wires, 2 pads, 2 sponges for the pads, 1 beanbag)
2) take patient vitals (P, BP, R) and orient patient to upcoming treatment (short waves to induce contraction of smooth muscle in bowel, increase bowel tone, hot towels to prepare for cold, cold to stimulate vascular delivery to tissues, stimulate immune response, invigorate lungs to improve blood oxygenation, stimulate liver to assist detox efforts, stimulate kidneys to improve excretion of waste)
3) send patient to change and set up bed, sine wave machine, get first 2 hot towels
4) patient lays down, remove robe and position dry towel on chest (if female)
5) hot towel treatment to chest (2 towels, clavicle to ASIS), 5 minutes
6) hot towel refresh (single towel), position sine pads just below shoulderblades (T5-7)
7) switch to 1 cold towel on chest, use inhale to distract, cover for modesty, 10 minutes
8) turn on sine wave machine, set on tetanize and adjust to patient's intensity, set to SURGE
9) cover pt well and add blankets if chill
10) at 10 minutes check towel, if not warm recover for 2 more minutes, if warm continue
11) remove cold towel and replace with dry towel, 10 minutes
12) reposition sine pads to "sandwich" gut: upper abdomen (btw umbilicus and xyphoid) and spinal area immediately below (thoracolumbar junction), put beanbag over belly pad
13) set short wave intensity to pt's level and switch to surge
14) after 10 minutes remove sine pads, have patient roll to belly
15) apply 2 hot towels to upper back, 5 minutes
16) hot refresh (single towel) after 5 minutes
17) towel flip to cold (single towel) for 10 minutes
18) at 10 minutes check to see if towel is warmed, if not warm cover for 2 more minutes
19) remove cold towel, dry friction to patient's back (30 sec vigorous rub)
20) patient rests as long as needed, slips back into robe, changes back to street clothes
21) retake vitals
22) clean up
Tags: hydrotherapy, immunology, medicine, naturopathy

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