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Dr Paul's Questions for an Iraqi Representative

In the House Foreign Affairs Subcomittee, Dr Paul got to ask a few questions of Dr Al Jabiri (spelling probably wrong) about the much-mentioned and seldom discussed US withdrawal from Iraq. First he asks if 6 months is a reasonable timeframe for a pullout, too fast or too slow, and gets a buck-passing answer (let the military experts answer that). But he keeps after the man and gets some information out of him about the situation in Iraq in terms of how the people feel about our "green zone" and military bases. Dr Al Jabiri doesn't seem accustomed to being questioned about what "the people" would say. The answers are as you would expect of a politician; he is loathe to paint himself into any corners. Dr Al Jabiri did say that somewhere around 70% of the Iraqi public supports the US reducing its presence both diplomatically and militarily. Dr Al Jabiri speaks through a translator. It's under 10 minutes long.

Tags: congress, democracy, diplomacy, foreign policy, iraq, military, ron paul, war

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