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New Group, New Drum, New Neighbor

Just got home, nearly 8pm, long day. Did OK on the microbiology test. Not great but good enough. Fish tacos are in the oven. There are small black ants on my desk and I kill each one that I see and put it in the trash. So much for utter nonviolence. From 5-7pm I attended the first meeting of a support group suggested by a classmate. The theme is intimate relationships, making them work, keeping them right. Five of us were there and we each had an opportunity to share some of our story and get some feedback. I was glad the group was small. S said that some 20 people had responded to his email to say they were interested. So 1/4 showed. Not bad. There were two of us there for whom nonviolent communication is an important tool, and I think we will probably end up doing a presentation about it to the rest of the group. I would like to teach NVC. It is a favorite.

Once home I tried out my new drum. It's not really MY drum, it's a loaner. I went to the school's drum squad practice yesterday (Memorial Day Monday) with my little drum and learned a couple of beats. By the end of the practice I was longing for a real drum, a big drum with a real bass sound and the ringing high notes as well. Ask and ye shall receive. There is a drum available for anyone who wants to play in the drum squad and doesn't have a drum. Dr Barrett repeated several times that he is attached to the drum and that he wants it back, undamaged. I will do my damndest. I am so excited to have a real drum to play! I wish I could remember the other 3 beats that we practiced. Of the five I'm only remembering two. It's a start.

So I was on the porch, working through those two simple beats and a neighbor rode by on his yellow bike, circled round and rode up. I stopped playing. He apologized, he didn't mean to stop me. I explained that I'm a beginner. He said he has a jimbe and that he'll bring it over sometime. He wanted to know which door to knock on. His name is Scott. I was not sure that I wanted him to know where I live, but he does now. He was peering at my entranceway. Busted. I've been found out. I played drum on the porch and now he knows I'm here. He's young, and he thinks he's getting a job tomorrow. He's a potter, throws pots every day. He wants to go to arts & crafts school.

Tomorrow I have quizzes in pathology and immunology, so I am going to cover some material tonight before I sleep. No more posting. Good night all.
Tags: drumming, friends, neighbors, nonviolent communication, relationships

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