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Forcing a Smile Promotes WHAT?

(post bumped forward from 5/24/08)

Constant toothy smiling can cause stress, high blood pressure, depression and heart problems according to Johann Wolfgang Goethe who studies smiles at the University of Frankfurt. "Zapf recommends that 'professional smilers' take regular breaks to relax, rid themselves of aggression and recuperate from the effort of smiling." There are some jokes in the article about how German customer service isn't the friendliest on the planet, anyway.

SCIENCE: on emotional work

Here's the story:,1518,553186,00.html

There is no doubt that happiness is good for your health. Here's just one of many stories about that:

But there's a gap between happiness and smiling. I no longer believe that pasting one on my face will have the result of making me happy. I have practiced smiling for a long time now and harder recently, since Venerable Bhante Vimalaramsi Maha Thera (Buddhist teacher) visited. He suggested that we actively practice smiling and laughing.

Sometimes, after making myself smile for a long time, it is a great relief to relax my face. My TMJ needs a break from smiling, that is certain. The Buddhist suggested that smiling causes the mind to trigger in a happier way. I suspect that laughing does, but I not longer believe that smiling makes anyone happy.

A news scan shows a piece on voters not liking Hillary because her smile is too fake looking. No doubt Obama's smile is more often geniune-appearing.

The author gives details the reasons why so many people don't like Hillary in a neutral tone, then says:
"None of Hillary's shortcomings mean that women are doomed to mediocrity in politics or in any segment of the male-dominated world, assures Rivera. There are plenty of assertive, strong women out there who are liked and respected by millions-Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Margaret Thatcher, and Maya Angelou are just a few. That means you can succeed without compromising yourself in any way. In fact, be yourself and you'll be more likely to possess the likeability factor."
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