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nutrition website and medicine at gunpoint

This fellow, Weston A Price, travelled around the world and looked at native populations, comparing their diets and teeth and lots of other stuff. He decided that diet was the most important variable among tribes with radically different physical development. The page that is linked above is the site's answer to the common PC word on what is 'good for you'. It completely jives with what I have learned in my personal inquiries, and there is lots of research out there backing up these assertions. Nice to see it summarized this way.

This is a SCARY article about a woman's child being taken from her by CPS when she declined conventional medical treatment for her child (drugs & kidney surgery) and took her breast-feeding baby to seek alternative opinions and treatment. They put out a warrant for her arrest, took the baby away, and that's that. Do what the surgeon says OR ELSE. Don't you dare take away profits from the medical machine. Alarming.
Tags: big brother, dental, health, healthcare, medicine, natives, nutrition

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