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A Ron Paul Republican running for Senate in NJ

I'm beginning to hear about revolutionaries who are willing to step forward and serve the US in congress. We pretty much know that Ron Paul has a "snowball's chance" of getting the presidency, but there is enough energy in this revolution to begin to seat anti-neo-conservative-Republicans in public offices. This guy looks good to me. I believe the vote is June 5, so this is the home stretch for him. If you have any money to send to help support the revolution, I hope you will.

I don't know if you noticed. Shrub vetoed the new farm bill, then the house and senate both voted to override his veto, 316-108 and 82-13 respectively. It worries me because the Republicans are crossing the fence to vote against Shrub and to give more handouts, to support corporations more. These "Republicans" are becoming more socialist, I guess because that's what they think the people want. They are out of touch. The remaining non-Ron-Paul republicans in congress are as lost as the democrats.

Congress is also having problems with clerical errors---the bill that they passed was missing a section, and now there's a debate on as to whether the votes were valid. The whole scene is alarming to me. I wish they'd listen to Ron Paul's constituents, the Texas farmers who have continued to re-elect Dr Paul even though he votes against farm subsidies. Those farmers understand the larger picture, but 2/3 of our congress does not.

Below from the Sabrin site, sounds very libertarian to me.

The Sabrin Solution has three principles and goals:

1. secure our country from both foreign terror and illegal immigration

2. secure our economic future by getting government off our backs and out of our wallets, and

3. securing our education for our children by introducing competition into the failed educational bureaucracy.

The Sabrin Solution accomplishes these goals by promoting freedom and unleashing the independent spirit of the American people from the shackles of its government.

The first principle and goal must be to secure our country and that starts with building a fence along our borders, both North and South; we must use the limited financial resources of our government to protect our sovereignty at home. When you have a porous border you can’t control who or what is coming and going. I have always said, “Fences make good neighbors.” This insanity will stop when I am elected to the U.S. Senate. If we secure our border we can take back the freedoms and liberties we have had to sacrifice. If we are being forced to choose between freedom and security because the government has failed – we need to choose new government! The Sabrin Solution is to promote freedom.

The second principle and goal is securing our economic future. Very simply, the government takes too much of our money and regulates too much of our lives and our businesses. We need to have a balanced budget and less spending in Washington to force the government to tighten its belt and live within its means. We all know if you give a politician an opportunity to spend tax money or send it back to the tax-payers, they will find an excuse to spend the money. A balanced budget and less spending will go a long way towards strengthening the Dollar as will exposing sunshine into the activities of the Federal Reserve. The combination of the Government spending beyond its means and the Federal Reserve printing more money has caused the financial crisis we find ourselves in today. It is against the law for you or I to print funny money, then why isn’t against the law for the Federal Reserve to do it? I will be the greatest champion of the tax-payer the United States Senate has ever seen. The Sabrin Solution is to promote freedom.

The third principle and goal is to secure the future of our country's children. Parents are forced to send their children to failing schools and tax-payers are forced to continue to pay for failure. History has shown us when you reward failure – you get more failure. We need to give parents federal tax credits to give them the freedom to enroll their children in a successful school or to home school. If we don’t fix our educational system we will continue down a slippery slope. The Sabrin Solution is to promote freedom.
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