liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Tonight's Walk

I needed that. Bad. I walked about an hour and into some new terrain. I am home just before darkness. I listened to music and walked as fast as the music, only skipping a couple songs because they were too slow. I feel as if my feet are freed from concrete, and I can breathe the air again. I had felt I was under water. I had felt my teeth would fall out from my jaws not matching. I had shoulders so tight there was pressure between my ears. Walking is how I get the tension out, and I was not walking enough. Just walking to school is not enough, not because it is too short, but because I am carrying a pack. I can't get the tension out while carrying a pack. I must be able to twist my body, to swing my arms, to stand up straight and in balance, to spring forward on my toes and let my hips sling loose. I love to walk. It is about the only thing between me and chaotic oblivion.

I found Yoko's, the recommended Sushi bar on Gladstone. I will go there. My mercury levels are getting low. The prices were normal, it had a collegey feel with picnic tables outside. It was about half full.
Tags: portland, stress, sushi, walking

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