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Obama in Iowa

I'm listening to Obama speak in Desmoines, Iowa via radio, and what strikes me right now is the lameness of the crowd. Many of those I can heart are not listening. They are obnoxious. They don't which lines to cheer for. There aren't that many of them. The words are still good. He's speaking of inspiration. He spoke earlier of the current economic situation in which people go bankrupt because a family member got sick, and people are losing their homes because they bought more than they could afford. He wants to save us. We says we are Democrats who are going to come together, and "Republicans that no longer recognize the party that owns Washington". Cynicism and doubt, he sees in us. Disappointment. January, he's referencing some time when he came to Iowa....the crowd sounds young. More like a rock concert crowd. There are a few people in the audience who are listening. Ooof Ooof Ooof echoes in the cheering like you'd hear at a football game. Chanting. "I've made some mistakes". "Formidable candidate" = Hillary Rodham Clinton he's congraluting her on her victory, he does this in every speech. He gets a lot of mileage actually by speaking well of her. "Our party is divided". His party is not divided, it is absent. The Democratic Party has come to stand for the same thing as the Republican one. Corruption. Greed. Willful Ignorance. Comfortable apathy. Kneejerkism. Falseness. Neither party offers any hope to me. I do not trust Obama. I have no reason to believe that his efforts at "change" will be much better of a compromise than what I would get with Hillary or McCain. "Washington calculations" vs "change that rewards work instead of wealth" he's talking about "corporations that shipped (jobs) overseas" and the crowd is chanting so much that they are interrupting him. It's not easy to speak out over them. "Begging for oil" "makes the oil companies invest their profits in clean energy solutions". He's going to MAKE THEM. "World class education" for every child, "promising 4 years of tuition to any American willing to serve their country" "that's what change is" "Change is ending a war that never should have started" "facing the threats" "with tough diplomacy and strong alliances and confidence in the ideals that made this nation great" kissing up to the crowd some more now.... "more of the same versus change" "our turn to choose" "difficult and uncertain days" "they'll try to distract us" Crowd chanting "YES WE CAN" and they are loud, sounds like a dead show. "Honest and generosity of the American people" speaking of students stuffing envelopes and people cold calling and people making small donations "Change is coming to America" "It's the spirit that sent the first patriots to Lexington and Concord" "Underground railroad" "beatings and billy clubs" speaking of the southern states "Change is coming to Iowa" "joblessness and hopelessness and despair" work, fight, believe, long hard great work, come together, "ready to believe again" BOY DOES HE WORK UP THE CROWD, but I was tired of listening to them anyway. It's over. Big dramatic ending then the radio cuts to pundits.

Did he say anything different in Oregon??? It was a bullshit speech, to me. It let us know that he has been educated about what is happening to common Americans. It showed me that he knows a tiny bit of history and has some connections to the culture that comes with his color. It did not promise me anything that I think is the solution. He promised me to increase social programs and tax corporations more. Indirectly. But that will not do it. He is taking us over the same cliff of destruction as the rest of them. He is not speaking of the future, but of the past. He is not change. He is black and young.

--"Sounded like a civil rights rally" with rhetorical questions, tradition in black church to respond to the minister, crowd particitates, feels good about him and good about themselves.
--it was a young crowd
--he has moved on to a general election strategy and is in Iowa because he is concerned about beating McCain there, he isn't worried about getting the Democratic party nomination

Cut to Hillary "we are winning the popular vote". She is spinning it as hard as she can, and it still doesn't play.
She is busy digging her own political grave.
More later about her.

Going for a walk now.
Radio OFF.
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