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Ron Paul Plot

The cat is out of the bag about the Paulite plan to stage a coup at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota in September. Delegates who are pledged to McCain (over 1400 last I heard) actually can vote for whoever they want: the convention is the party's opportunity to consider and reconsider and choose based on what is most likely to bring success to the party in this election and in the future.

I find the comments on the article above most interesting. People react dramatically to Ron Paul's platform. Eliminate student loans, welfare, social security, the IRS.....just the idea that these programs might end is enough to really raise people's hackles. But seriously now folks. Ron Paul has been in congress for years. He knows how it works. Government is a process of compromise among competing interests. Ron Paul knows that his place is not to simply erase a hundred years of social programs. His place is to be a voice of reason, to discuss ideas and arrive at compromises that benefit our nation. Ron Paul is not owned by any special interest, most importantly he is not a pawn of the media, the pharmaceuticals, or the military industrial complex. Look at the other candidates. They ALL have conflicts of interest. The very most corrupt are the individuals currently occupying the executive branch of our government. They HAVE to go and their crony McCain must not be allowed into office.

Ron Paul stands alone as a representative who is willing to talk ideas and seek real solutions. He would not suddenly eliminate the IRS. He would work in that direction, but it would be a slow process. He does not want to see this nation crater. He wants to save it. All these people who get so upset about his platform simply do not see the big picture, and are refusing to admit that the path our nation is currently on is insane and suicidal. We must change our tactics dramatically or we will pay out the nose. Simple.

I suspect we will end up paying out the nose, because change is so hard and so many people are SO IGNORANT and short sighted. It is apalling.

Frankly, though Obama's chant is about "change", he does not offer a dramatic enough change to stop our government from spending us broke to profit corporations. He's better than McCain, but not by all that much.
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