liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Vitamin C notes

High doses of vitamin C are used to treat some infections and some cancers. How high is high? 3-4 g/day is considered high, but one doc takes 200g/day and is OK, so we don't really know what the top end is and why.

Some people experience diarrhea w/ vit C. Sometimes the diarrhea is caused by a corn base to the vitamin pill, and not the vitamin C itself. Check on base.

Watch iron when using increased vit C doses, as C increases Fe absorbtion. Esp: post-menopausal women and men of northern European descent.

Bowel tolerance for vit C can change. Turnover rate adjusts.
--is dependent on location of infection: lower tolerance with GI infx, higher with resp infx.
--tolerance increases with gradual increase of dosage
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