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Presidential Material

I just keep getting more impressed with Carter's work. I am excited that he went to speak with Hamas, in spite of Shrub and Israel. Hamas was elected by a majority vote, after all. Even if Shrub says they are terrorists, the Palestinian people chose them in 2006. Aren't we supposed to be spreading Democracy around the world?

Today, after his victory in North Carolina, it became pretty much clear to me that Obama will be the democratic nominee. I feel comfortable that McCain can't beat him, and that we may have our first black president. Certainly he has been privledged, but that is no reason to discount his blackness, or his ability to know the hearts of people. I look forward to a day when America stands for truth and honor again, when I do not have to disown my government while traveling.

I didn't catch Obama's whole speech today, but I did catch part on NPR and part on It appears to me that Obama knows he has the Democratic nomination sewn up. He conceded Indiana to Clinton in a way complimentary to both her and Indiana. He is trying to make peace. He sounds as if he is already the president.
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