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Cranial Nerve (and more) Pneumonics

Some Say Marry Money, But My Brother Says Big Bras Matter More
--for what cranial nerve is Motor, Sensory, or Both

Ten Zebras Bought My Car--branches of facial nerve
Ten Zebras Bit My Cock
Two Zulus Buggered My Cat
To Zanzibar By Motor Car
Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Masseteric, Cervical

Oh, Oh, Oh, touch and feel a girls vagina and hymen"

I- O-Olfactory
II- O-Optic
III- O-Oculomotor
IV- T-Trochlear
V- T-Trigeminal
VI- A-Aducens
VII- F-Facial
VIII-A-Auditory or vestibulocochlear
IX- G-Glossopharyngeal
X- V-Vagus
XI- A-Accessory
XII- H-Hypoglossal

and lots more here to remember for boards:
Tags: boards, cranial nerves, education, memory, nervous system

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