liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

School Blues

Flunked a microbio exam yesterday. I was busy over the weekend and didn't even realize that there would be an exam. I was not the only one who bombed it: the format was a complete surprise and the majority of people probably failed. Today I came in for an Organ Systems exam, probably passed that one though it was tough. Then Organ Systems lecture was cancelled due to technical difficulties. Then in Intro to Clinic class we had an entertaining lecture on OSHA requirements for a clinic. Lots of work to do to fulfill OSHA requirements if you're going to open your own clinic. Now waiting for lecture to begin in Microbio. We didn't start class on time because some people were taking the test and the rest of us who took it when scheduled had to wait so that the late people could attend the lecture. The prof is a researcher and has no idea how to teach a class or write an exam, or deal with competing interests. He is showing the stress of being a pleaser when we can't possibly be pleased.

More hours of my day have been wasted by this school than have been educational. It is days like that that make me really wonder what on earth is going on.
Tags: education, ncnm, school

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