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Naturopathic Elevator Speech

An ND is a four year degree with equivalent training to medical school. There are people who call themselves naturopaths who do not have this degree, so always check a person's qualifications carefully when you are choosing a healthcare advisor. The ND graduate is qualified to serve as a general practitioner, having been trained in anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pathology as well as diagnostics and several treatment modalities. The physical treatments available to a naturopath are not limited to homeopathy, but do include the simple, natural ways of healing, including lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise, hydrotherapy, physical manipulation and minor surgery. ND's attend childbirth, teach athletes how to heal their own injuries, show people how to alleviate depression without drugs, help people live better lives with terminal illness, and cure type II diabetics. In some states ND's are licensed to prescribe many of the same medicines that MD's can prescribe, in other states no licensure is available and naturopaths are limited to OTC drugs and alternative therapies. The naturopath is also trained to recognize and treat the needs of the whole person, including the mental and spiritual levels. Perhaps one of the most major distinctions between the practice of ND's and MD's is the fact that ND's attempt to find and address the source of the imbalance, the cause of the disease, rather than simply treating or "managing" the symptoms. Addressing the causes of disease is a slower process, but ultimately results in a higher level of health or vitality. The six principles of naturopathy include ...
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