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a political song by David Rovics

Before the Oil Wells Ran Dry

Were you drinking wine from Argentina or Indonesian coffee
Did you take some in a plane, and go fly across the country
Did you go to work the next week, drive your daily 20 miles
Stop at Sears to see the latest Chinese styles
When you did these things, did you wonder how or why
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

Were you watching the news, did you wonder when
They'd bomb another country or start up the draft again
As you tried to stop the war ??? might decide the plan is fate
Did you ever stop to question how that food got on your plate
As you stuck your fork into that slice of pie
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

When you went back to college to get another PhD
Or you went into the studio to record one more CD
Did it occur to you that your time might be spent better
Digging in the earth or learning to knit a sweater
Did you prepare for all the changes or at least pretend to dry
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

You can download this song and lots of others FOR FREE from his website: http://www.davidrovics.com/


Jul. 7th, 2006 07:42 pm (UTC)
Re: hypocrite
I'm sorry I am unable to write in such a way as to make you understand my point of view. I do not believe that mainstream today is headed in the right direction. I do, however, have faith that people are not stupid, and many, many of us are doing things that we believe will change the future. I do not see as bleak a future as you do... call me an optimist, I guess. Maybe we can talk about it sometime face-to-face, because you simply kick my ass with written words and I can't articulate what I want to say.

So yes, let's leave it at planting trees.



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