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a political song by David Rovics

Before the Oil Wells Ran Dry

Were you drinking wine from Argentina or Indonesian coffee
Did you take some in a plane, and go fly across the country
Did you go to work the next week, drive your daily 20 miles
Stop at Sears to see the latest Chinese styles
When you did these things, did you wonder how or why
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

Were you watching the news, did you wonder when
They'd bomb another country or start up the draft again
As you tried to stop the war ??? might decide the plan is fate
Did you ever stop to question how that food got on your plate
As you stuck your fork into that slice of pie
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

When you went back to college to get another PhD
Or you went into the studio to record one more CD
Did it occur to you that your time might be spent better
Digging in the earth or learning to knit a sweater
Did you prepare for all the changes or at least pretend to dry
In the years before the oil wells ran dry

You can download this song and lots of others FOR FREE from his website: http://www.davidrovics.com/


Jul. 6th, 2006 05:48 pm (UTC)
sure he does
Didn't you get the line about going into the studio to record one more CD was him taking a jab at himself? He's a hypocrite right in there with the rest of us, and he knows it. Interesting guy.
Jul. 6th, 2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
Re: sure he does
Yes I noticed. I don't consider myself to be a hypocrite, nor do I consider most of my friends or family to be. Most of us are just trying to LIVE a life the best way we know how. Being judged and put on a guilt trip for trying to live a decent life is wrong.

If I'm a hypocrite, what exactly am I hypocritical about?
Jul. 6th, 2006 08:43 pm (UTC)
Our culture is hypocritical and to the extent that we live unquestioning in it we are complicit.


In wanting world peace and driving a car, heating a big house, and drinking wine from Chile, mate from Ecuador, wearing fleece, paddling kayaks...

In despising what has happened to our government and letting rigged elections slide by without so much as a phone call or letter in protest.

In saying that we care about the fate of the planet and still using far more than our share of the resources. It's easier to buy grass fed beef from New Zealand than it is to go out there and hunt for meat. But the real impact of those two actions on the Earth is radically disparate.

In believing anything the corporate media says, after all we know about corporations.

In taking luxury for granted, and thinking that we have a right to be so rich. It's the American way. We can't even imagine living sustainably. The memory has been lost in just two generations.

I know that you find this opinion offensive. You don't like being called a hypocrite. Nobody does. To knowingly participate in the bounty of modern America is to be a hypocrite. Wasn't it Jesus who said we are all sinners? I sin too.

There are many in America who are not hypocrites: those who are blissfully ignorant. They are not hypocrites because they don't know any better. Your initial enculturation came from people like this. It is possible to be highly intelligent and skilled in your realm and have absolutely no clue what impact your actions have in the world. Most people never look beyond the basic values & assumptions they are taught as children. You are better informed than the teachers of your origins, and more of a thinker. So in a sense my calling you a hypocrite is a compliment--because I know that you are not ignorant. You have educated yourself, and you continue to look and learn.

What is a decent life? How many people should suffer in order that I can drink expensive protein powder? I know that I am a cog in a machine that is taking our species (and many others) toward the cliff of extinction. A certain amount of guilt is inevitable. I am guilty. I am not judging you, nor trying to "guilt trip" you. It's just a reality of the times in which we live. Every bit that each of us can live more consciously is a little less damage that we inflict.

It's easier to remain ignorant, or to pretend ignorance even when we know in our guts. It's normal to take the pleasant and easy route......It's unpopular to speak out that what we are doing en masse is wrong. It is hypocritical to know it is damaging and pretend it is AOK. It's our national hobby.

Recently a visitor from Tucson reminded me that none of it really matters, and that is what I must continue to remind myself. Ten out of ten people die. I have lived a life of relative comfort and pleasure. I am grateful. To worry about future generations is not my job. So really, I shouldn't berate myself or you over our participation in the oil-fueled feast. Let's just enjoy it! Maybe if I drink enough wine from the Maipo Valley I can return to ignorance and forget my own guilt...



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