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The Spring Break TO DO List

Ahhhhh. I needed a whole week just to begin to get caught up in my personal life, and today, with one day left, I'm feeling as if I have made some headway. I cleared my desk and filed all my notes from winter quarter, reworking the filing system as I go. I purchased an Immunology text for next quarter and read the first chapter. I met with two different financial advisors and am in the process of weeding through their recommendations I got myself and Suzanne to the doctor. I funded my IRA, did my taxes for the feds, Arizona and Oregon, and completed my FAFSA for 2008-09 and applied for food stamps.

The one thing I wish I'd gotten done but didn't was a recertification of my WFR. It looks as if I will have to take the entire class over again, since my last two recerts were in Flagstaff with a program that is not recognized by the leaders in the field.

I didn't go skiing or boating, but frankly, I didn't feel like it. It has been good to really just stick to what I need to get done, instead of recreating.

Both Suzanne and I read Watch for me on the Mountain, a wonderful book about the Apaches and on Geronimo's life. Anyone who finds native ways appealing, and anyone who has ever met an Apache and wondered why they are so INTENSE, would find this book fascinating.

Yesterday I went to Powell Butte (sounds like an Arizona destination but it is a park here in Portland) to collect nettles with a new friend (S, friend of Paula). It was sunny when we arrived at the park, and raining when we left. We left a small offering of tobacco and sang a song to the nettles. I used a latex glove to grasp the prickly plants, snipping just the tenderest tips. The apical meristem has the highest concentration of life force in a plant. There are nettles enough there to feed families, but no one is collecting them.

This morning I drank a cup of nettle tea, and it was refreshing, nourishing, ALIVE. There was a little left in my cup and the kitten sat on my desk and drank it by dipping her paw into it and licking it clean, over and over again. The kitten loves to eat my smoothies too. She has good instincts about food. Tomorrow I'll make nettle omelets or perhaps nettle spaghetti. It's not easy to get Suz to eat greens, but I plan to get some of these nettles into her. She too needs the nourishment of fresh wild food.

Tomorrow I will photograph all of my possessions for my renter's insurance, and save a backup of the entire contents of my computer on my external hard drive, and burn a copy of the photographs onto a CD which I will leave in the truck.
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