liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Mexican Food in Portland: El Tapatio at 82nd and Clinton

1) free hot crisp chips (1 YES)
2) two or more salsa choices, one of which should be spicy HOT (.75, only one kind it was good and hot but no option for the person who can't handle hot)
3) margarita with tequila and lime in it, no high fructose corn syrup (.5 average: had corn syrup and wasn't super strong)
4) food and plate temperature sizzling hot (1)
5) menu: simple, fresh, authentic, not "creative" (1)
6) good sauces/beans/tortillas (1)
7) good entrees (1: shredded beef was good, chile relleno was good)
8) reasonable price (1: not cheap but not outrageous: Total bill with two large margaritas, one combination (one ench one taco) and one chile relleno al la carte: $28.)
9) pleasant space, warmth, colors, lighting, smells, service, etc. (.75, the waitress was fast at first but then there was a shift change and we never got to order our sopapilla, we liked the mural and decor)
10) "Sopapilla o' tortilla?" (0: we didn't get to order a sopapilla because our waitress never came back to ask if there would be anything else, and the menu admitted that it was actually a flour tortilla dressed up in chocolate sauce etc---not a real sopapilla)
BONUS: (1: for the authentic feel of the place, you have to pay up front and they magically know where you at and what your bill is, the walls are painted all kinds of funky colors, everything is colorful and mismatched, tiles, bathroom was occupied just like normal, "old Globe style", also it was clean/tidy/organized)

1, .75, .5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, .75, 0, 1: total points: 9
Tags: food, mexicans, portland

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