liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Transformation, More Notes

These notes are more from the conference that I attended on transforming the mind.

Naturopathy as support for balance, wellness

Unstuckness, movement, flow

Transformation is the turning point. It comes from intuition, inspiration, and the power of self love. Perhaps it comes from the divine.

A change can be permanent, multidimensional, be incorporated into a person's life.

The 12th step in the 12 steps of AA is often ignored, but there is more focus on that step. Within that step there is the possibility that one might be completely freed from the shackles of an addiction.

Practice for self awareness, get at the unconscious via art, creative expression. Find other awareness, compassion, awakening, presence, flexibility. Open heart, vibrant, connection, vulnerable, aligned, grounded, authentic, grateful, free, easy.

Addiction = powerlessness, fear, poverty, abuse, pain. Things to be addicted to are substances, food, sex, exercise, work, money, religion.
Tags: addiction, awareness, flow, inspiration, intuition, love, my book, naturopathy, readiness, spirit, unconscious

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