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Oklahoma Homophobe in Congress: Sally Kern

If you're going to be a politician these days and believe what Sally Kern believes, you need to have metal detectors and first amendment zones and keep anyone from taping you when you say what you really think. This is a week or more old but it's important so I thought I'd bring it to your attention. This clip from Ellen was what first came to my attention:

Here's one blogger's interpretation and a collection of responses:
This guy JM Branum has his heart in the right place, and it seems apparent to me that he's gay or at least very liberal. He writes about a lot of the same stuff that I find interesting.

I find it interesting that the LGBT crowd portrays Kern as hateful, but in her speech she did not sound hateful to me. She sounded like she was interested in governing a society for its best interests, and that she really believes that homosexuality is destructive and must be stopped. This woman is not evil or hateful, she CARES. She sounds ignorant, perhaps because of her southern accent or her lack of exposure to "these people" (gays). Perhaps her effort to save us from ourselves is misguided, but perhaps she is not. I don't know. (I do know that by acting as if she is a hateful bitch, people close the door to fruitful communication with her. And she is in congress, after all. There must be something good about her.)

So back to my big cultural question: why would a whole lot of people start living as homosexuals? Imagine what might drive a population toward non-reproductive behavior. Depression? A cultural death wish? What could make a whole lot of people stop reproducing? I mean, THINK BIG here. Think evolution. Think generations. What DID happen to the Greeks and Romans after their times of hedonism? One commenter says "Ms Kerns’s comments are NOT hate speech but merely the truth that society continues to ignore at our collective peril. The demise of the Romans and the Greeks a millenium or two ago attests to this. . .”. I would like to explore the basis of this assertion. Tell me about the Romans and the Greeks. What is the basis for this argument? I think there is one.

Here's Kern's info in case you want to let her know what you think:
(405) 557-7348
2713 Sterling Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73127

And here's the organization from which she gets here "homosexual agenda" ideas:
The American Family Association

The AFA has an ad campaign going about stopping homosexuals. The theme is "They're coming to your town"--- after some town in Arkansas woke up one day to find city counsel taken over by gays while they weren't looking. No wonder they're worried! The Christians just can't sit back and expect us to pretend they own the country anymore. They have to pay attention lest their ten year old daughters start having crushes on their lesbian school teachers! Imagine the pressure.
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