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Ron Paul Just Can't Quit

I laughed when I read this article in Newsweek. Ron Paul is still campaigning, even though there's no way he can beat McCain's delegate count. He says he would feel "badly" if he quit the cause now. Lots of supporters are out there cheering him on, and with their support, he just keeps going. The only misrepresentation is when the author says Dr. Paul has $5 million in the bank because of "massive online fund-raising efforts". Ron Paul has made no EFFORT to raise funds in the conventional sense. His "war chest" is full because the people have sent him money. Not corporations. Not business. People. People who care. Many of us are grateful to Ron Paul for being brave enough to speak out against an entrenched system that will do anything to stop him. A true leader is worth all that we have.
Here's the latest from Sarah Elkins:
Tags: heroes, money, politics, ron paul

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